Big announcements coming in next week!

If you have been following our newsletters over recent months, you will know that Alex has been teasing us with suggestions of some very big announcements and changes at The Optimum Health Clinic!  As is often the way with these things, there have been a few delays, but we are nearly there, and will be telling you all about them in the next 7-10 days, so keep an eye on your e-mails!

In the meantime, because we’ve had a number of people asking about The 90 Day Programme recently, we thought we’d share again with you a video from last year about why we believe this to be the only programme like it available.  In the video Anna and Alex talk about why they created the programme, what is involved, and what you can expect from attending.  You can view the video below.

Also, thank you for all of the wonderful feedback on the Alex’s new video series introducing our new online training “The Ultimate Therapist Training.”  If you haven’t signed up for this free series of three fascinating videos, you can do so at

Have a great week, and we are very excited to be sharing our big news with you soon!

Official Launch of The Ultimate Therapist Training

As you may well have heard, Alex spent the summer (whilst away from the office on paternity leave!) putting together a brand new online training programme, sharing some of the most cutting edge tools of the clinic’s psychology department that are usually only taught in our professional training courses.

This programme is like nothing we have launched before, and it is called The Ultimate Therapist Training. It is also the only place where you can learn the STOP Process directly from Alex.

And, to celebrate the launch of The Ultimate Therapist Training, Alex has put together a series of three brand new videos sharing some very personal experiences (never talked about before) behind why the OHC psychology department works the way it does, the 3 keys to creating dramatic and lasting change, and a fascinating insight into the philosophy behind our psychology department. In the final video, Alex will also explain how you can be part of this incredible online training programme if you are interested.

Secrets to Recovery members have had an “exclusive” on The Ultimate Therapist Training for the past couple of weeks, and as places are limited, if you want to have the chance to be part of this, please do sign up for the free videos now!

You can find out more, and sign up for the three completely free videos by clicking here.

Behind the scenes of the Optimum Health Clinic nutrition department

Welcome to this week’s video blog! We have two new videos for you this week, to start to make up for the lack of new videos over recent months! In this first video, Alex is talking with Director of Nutrition, Tanya Page, about how the Optimum Health Clinic nutrition department works. If you’ve ever wondered how we select practitioners to join OHC, the process they have to go through to join OHC (it’s pretty intense!), and also how the nutrition department works together behind the scenes, this video tells all! You can view it below, we hope you find interesting.

For our second video of the week, we have a further video with Alex and Tanya talking about the work the Optimum Health Clinic nutrition team does with Fibromyalgia. For anyone experiencing Fibromyalgia, or ME/CFS with pain, this is a helpful overview of how the team may be able to help. You can view it below.

Have a great week, and we look forward to letting you know about the very exciting launch of our brand new online psychology training course next week!

Maladaptive stress response and upcoming projects!

Welcome to this week’s video blog. As alluded to in recent newsletters, we have a number of very exciting projects about to launch at The Optimum Health Clinic, but many of the details are still under wraps! If you would like to get a sneak peak of what is coming next though, check out this short video shot on a portable camera with Alex behind the scenes in the Optimum Health Clinic studio. The quality is not amazing, but a few bits are given away!

And, to keep you going in the meantime before what is likely to be one of the busiest times in The Optimum Health Clinic history, we thought we’d share with you again a recent video that Alex filmed with Thora from our psychology team talking about the Maladaptive Stress Response. This is an absolutely critical part of the work we do at The Optimum Health Clinic, and this video is a fantastic introduction to this area, and also a great reminder for those who are already familiar with the OHC approach.

The biochemistry of emotions

Welcome to this week’s video blog! There is a huge amount going on at The Optimum Health Clinic at the moment, with lots of new projects getting ready to role out in the Autumn, most of which are Top Secret at the moment, but we will let you know as soon as we can.

In the meantime, we thought we would share a “Golden Oldie” video with Alex and Julia from our nutrition team talking about the biochemistry of emotions. This is a very popular and fascinating video which explains the “bridge” between the psychology and nutrition work done in the clinic. You can view the video below.

Also, we have a few spaces still available on the next Meditation Group by conference call. These sessions are a fantastic way to support being in a healing state, and are run by Linda Hall who is an experienced meditation teacher that has had her own journey of recovery from ME. Because the groups are run by conference call, you can benefit from the comfort of your own home and join a small group receiving personal attention directly from Linda. You can find out more at and by e-mailing Linda at

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